Session 2: Logic

ORG: Joan Bagaria, Joan Gispert

Thursday 16:30 – 19:00. Room Nicolau d'Olwer (Algebraic Logic) 
  • Tommaso Moraschini (UB)
    • Profinite Heyting algebras and the representation problem for Esakia spaces (abstract)
  • Sara Ugolini (IIIA)
    • Structural and universal completeness in algebra and logic (abstract)
  • Luca Carai (Milano)
    • Free algebras and coproducts in varieties of Gödel algebras  (abstract)

Friday 16:00 – 18:30 Room Nicolau d'Olwer (Set Theory)
  • Juan Carlos Martínez (UB)
    • Cardinal sequences in topology (abstract)
  • Jeffrey Bergfalk (UB)
    • Set theory and condensed mathematics (abstract)
  • Alejandro Poveda (Harvard)
    • When ‘Almost Always’ Implies ‘Always’: Recent Insights into Compactness Phenomena in Set Theory  (abstract)