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Professor Betül Tanbay

Nov 17, 2018

Professor Betül Tanbay

La professora Betül Tanbay, vice-presidenta de la EMS, ha estat arrestada (i alliberada hores després) per les autoritats Turques

El nostre suport a la professora Betül Tanbay després de que hagi estat alliberada hores després del seu arrest. La seva situació civil és encara delicada. Ens remitim al comunicat de la EMS (http://euro-math-soc.eu) i ens solidaritzem en la seva causa.

(Comunicat EMS)

The European Mathematical Society is outraged at the news that the Turkish police have detained, in Istanbul on the morning of 16th November 2018, Professor Betül Tanbay, a member of the EMS Executive Committee. We are incredulous at the subsequent Press Release from the Istanbul Security Directorate accusing her of links to organized crime and attempts to topple the Turkish government.

Professor Tanbay is a distinguished mathematician and a Vice President Elect of the European Mathematical Society, due to assume that role from January 2019. We have known her for many years as a talented scientist and teacher, a former President of the Turkish Mathematical Society, an open-minded citizen, and a true democrat. She may not hesitate to exercise her freedom of speech, a lawful right that any decent country guarantees its citizens, but it is preposterous to suggest that she could be involved in violent or criminal activities.

We demand that Professor Tanbay is immediately freed from detention, and we call on the whole European research community to raise its voice against this shameful mistreatment of our colleague, so frighteningly reminiscent of our continent’s darkest times.

Update 17/11/18: We can confirm that Betül Tanbay has now been released from custody. However, we continue to have grave concerns about her situation. We will release an updated statement when we have more details. Thank you to everyone who has expressed support and solidarity!

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