Session 3: Analysis and PDEs

ORG: Albert Clop, Daniel Faraco

Thursdayat room Pi i Sunyer

  • 11:00 Laura Prat Baiget (UAB)
    • Removable singularities for solutions of the Heat equation and the fractional Heat equation in time varying domains (abstract)
  • 11:50 Matteo Levi (UB and UAB):
    • Hardy–Littlewood maximal operators on trees with bounded geometry (abstract)
  • 12:40 Jan Kristensen (Oxford):
    • Lower semicontinuity via Stoilow factorization (abstract)

Friday at room Pi i Sunyer

  • 10:30 María Ángeles García-Ferrero (UB)
    • The Calderón problem: on reconstruction in different settings (abstract)
  • 11:20 Fran Mengual (MPI, Leipzig)
    • Sharp nonuniqueness of admissible solutions for the 2D Euler equation (abstract)
  • 12:10 Tomás Sanz Perela (UB)
    • A shape optimization problem in relativistic quantum mechanics (abstract)