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Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques

Subsidiary of Institut d’Estudis Catalans

We extend the knowledge of mathematical sciences in Catalan society, encouraging education and theoretical and applied research.


The Catalan Society of Mathematics (SCM) is a society affiliated to the Institute for Catalan Studies (IEC) which lends continuity to the activities of the Mathematics Section of the Catalan Society of the Sciences, which was founded in 1931. At present, it boasts almost eight hundred members and conducts its activities across all Catalan speaking territories and lands of Catalan culture. As a result, Catalan constitutes its working language and it is typically used for all events and in all publications.
The primary goal of the SCM is to foster mathematical sciences in the broadest sense of the term. In other words, it is focussed on: enhancing awareness of mathematical sciences among Catalan society; promoting teaching and theoretical and applied research of such sciences; and, publishing a wide array of articles in accordance with these aims.

The SCM is governed by its own Bylaws (5/4/1991), by the Bylaws of the IEC (25/4/1998) and by the Internal Regulations of the latter institution (27/5/1998). As set out in the Bylaws of the SCM, the highest governing body is the General Assembly which meets once a year. Nevertheless, responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the SCM is incumbent upon its Board, which meets on a regular basis and oversees all of the activities carried out by the society.
The SCM is affiliated to the Spanish Committee for Mathematics (CEMAT), thus lending it representation on the International Mathematical Union (IMU); to the European Mathematical Society – of which it is a fully-fledged member – which is an international benchmark in the field; and, to the International Centre for Pure and Applied Mathematics (CIMPA), an association dedicated to international cooperation in the field of mathematics, particularly in developing countries.

SCM members benefit from the following:

  • Receiving information on the activities organised by the SCM and taking part in them.
  • Benefitting from a discounted fee to register for certain activities organised by the SCM.
  • Taking part in assemblies as detailed in the Bylaws.
  • Receiving the publications regularly issued by the SCM free of charge.
  • Obtaining a 50% discount on all publications issued by the IEC.
  • Reaping the benefits of the reciprocity agreements the SCM has entered into with various mathematical associations.

 Barcelona Dynamical Systems

The Barcelona Dynamical Systems Prize is an international prize offered by the Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques, under the patronage of Prof. Carles Simó, to the author or authors of a paper or research work in the area of Dynamical Systems.